My favorite posts

I recently updated my About Me page to include some favorite posts I’ve done.  I figured it would give new readers a sense of who I am as a blogger.

But I didn’t anticipate how hard it would be to pick just a few!  Looking over my posts, I saw so much in each of them.  So much of who I was when I wrote them.

I just couldn’t pick a handful.  So here is the list I ended up with, and explanations for why I picked them.

Adjusting to the new normal, part I Reflections on early motherhood with Little Bread Dude #1

Adjusting to the new normal, part II Early motherhood with Little Bread Dude #2

Argentine sopaipillas Because it always feels really meaningful when I make recipes I enjoyed during my study abroad year

Chocolate crema cake My friends’ daughter had just gotten her diagnosis and everyone was trying to be strong and celebrate her first birthday

Chocolate red wine cake I fangirl over Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen

Cider bread and big changes I announce my pregnancy with Little Bread Dude #1)

Easter bread I wax philosophical about my faith journey

Easy granola bars I cheer Mr. Bread Maiden’s accomplishment of running a marathon

Edible finger paint  Back when I thought I could control Little Bread Dude’s artistic process 😉

The Science Behind… the baking process in eight sentences with crappy illustrations Because I was cracking myself up when I wrote it

Wiener schnitzel and cooking with kids Because my little guy almost made me cry I was so proud of him

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