Easter Bread


As longtime readers may know, for the past few years I’ve helped make Easter Bread for my church.

Easter bread was my favorite part of Easter when I was a kid, so it’s really meaningful to make them for the next generation in my church family.


The recipe is an enriched dough with a ton of sugar, which may be why, as a child, I thought it was the most delicious thing in the world 😉


Each element, from the egg to the clove “nails” and the rosemary “thorns” tells the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection.

The week after Easter, we had our monthly communion.  I’ve somehow gone through all the bags of cubed communion bread that were taking up my freezer, so I needed to make some more.


Usually I use my challah recipe, but this time I decided to mix it up and bake the Easter Bread recipe in bread pans.


Then, instead of dividing up the dough into buns, I divided the dough in half, flattened it, and rolled them into loaves.

I made an egg wash, scored them down the middle, and baked for about 35 minutes at 375 degrees F.

From a single loaf, I can usually get about 300 pieces.  This time, I got about 375 pieces per loaf!


Another picture of the Easter buns… styled by Little Bread Dude and his cousin.


I wonder if people will notice a difference in the taste on Sunday.  This batch gave me five months of bread cubes for communion.

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