A Bread Library Review: Brother Juniper’s Bread Book by Peter Reinhart


I have a confession: I adore Peter Reinhart and his writing.  The intersection between faith and breadbaking he writes about in passing has always fascinated me.

In this book, Brother Juniper’s Bread Book, he brings this relationship front and center.  That said, it is not just a meditation.  It’s also a really great beginner’s bread cookbook.


The entire book is imbued with a writing style that is at once authoritative and tongue-in-cheek.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously.  I found myself laughing out loud at some of the passages and reading them aloud to Mr. Bread Maiden.  This chapter, titled “On Not Cutting Into Bread Too Soon”, has a pull quote on the opposite page that just says, “don’t cut into bread too soon.”  Ha ha!DSC03060

One of the reasons this book is a good beginner book is that all the recipes call for commercial yeast.  He reasons that any reader who works their way through this book is ready for one of his other books that does tackle sourdough.


One of the passages that made me laugh


Ha ha, so true!



The spiritual importance of kneading


the intersection of kneading and grace


This review is just going to be screenshots of my favorite passages.  I hope that’s ok.


The glossary gives a definition of “thwack.”


Another paragraph that demonstrates how much fun Reinhart must’ve had writing this book.  At least, I hope his tongue was firmly in cheek writing this!


Each chapter and nearly every recipe is illustrated with beautiful woodcut prints.


Speaking of struan, I’m planning on making this when there’s more space in the freezer.  It’s killing me not being able to try out all these recipes!

I enjoyed this book and am very glad it’s mine and not a library book.  When beginners ask me what bread book they should pick up, I’m going to recommend this one, hands down.

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