A Bread Library Review: Neel and Pugh’s The Food and Feasts of Jesus


A few weeks ago, I went on a library binge and checked out every book I could find about food during the time of Jesus.

This one was far and away my favorite.


One of the reasons I liked this so much is that it was organized into meals.  The authors clearly had in mind a spirit of sharing and fellowship when creating this book.


I was impressed by the research they did.



I’ve learned a lot from all of these books, and I do read them all the way through, but my particular interest is in the breads.  And this one did not disappoint.  It had seven distinct bread recipes.


I combined elements of the wheat and barley bread and the Mediterranean grain bread to make the bread below (recipe here).DSC03042

The rest of these are recipes I hope to try one day soon.DSC03050DSC03051DSC03052

When I got to the bios, I understood why I liked their book so much.  Their combined interests in theology, catering, and research is clear on every page.DSC03053

I know I’m getting repetitive with all these book reviews, but this is another book I would definitely recommend checking out!

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