Most Popular Posts of 2016, continued

With all my commentary, the post was getting way too long.  Here are numbers 5-1. To skip back to numbers 10-6, click here: Most Popular Posts of 2016

5. First century AD bread


For a while this year I contemplated writing a book about breads of the biblical times so I read a whole bunch of books on the topic.  I ended up scrapping that plan but this was a really good bread.  I need to make it again.


4. Some thoughts on Competing in the Arlington County Fair bake-off, Part I


Despite his expression in this picture, my older Little Bread Dude enjoyed contributing to the bake-off this year and waking up early to submit our entries.  Even though we didn’t win, I think it’s good for him to see his parents striving and doing their best no matter the outcome.

3. The Science Behind: Creating a Sourdough Starter


I’m surprised so many The Science Behind entries turned up as being the most popular.  But I think knowing the science of baking is so key to being successful in the kitchen.  This year I learned even more about the magical properties of sourdough than I did before and it’s taken my rye breads to a whole other level.

2.The Science Behind: Using a Couche or Proofing Basket


Using a couche and bannetons was the other big baking breakthrough I had this year.  I thought they just make a pretty pattern, but they do so much more!  Happy to see this post get lots of love from you all.

1.Sarah Woolam’s scotch pies


I have to admit, this one has me scratching my head a bit.  Of all the Outlander Kitchen recipes I tried, this one was probably my least favorite.  I didn’t particularly like the dough, and I should’ve used more fat in the filling because it tasted really dry and the meat was too chewy.  So, if you do plan on trying this recipe, tester beware!

Thanks for checking out my Most Popular Posts of 2016!  Happy baking and see you in 2017.

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