Most Popular Posts of 2016

2016 was The Bread Maiden’s most productive year ever.  I went back and counted and I published 103 posts this year, nearly half of all the posts I’ve written since the inception of The Bread Maiden in 2008.

Here are the posts YOU clicked on the most this year.  It’s an interesting list- not exactly what I would’ve expected.  I do like that it’s a representative sample of the types of posts I wrote this year.  There’s two The Science Behind posts, an Outlander Cookbook post, two Arlington County Fair Bake-off posts, and one biblical breads post.

A note: some of the most popular links you clicked on were actually pages, which are more collections of links.  I think I’ll also publish a list of the most popular pages.

Ok, so here they are, numbers 10-6, with my commentary:

10. The Science Behind… The baking process, illustrated and one-sentence edition


This post only exists because a friend suggested it.  And it ended up being my very favorite post because I loved making the pictures using Microsoft Paint.  I have since included them in my Bread Camp 101 handout for participants.

9. A Bread Library Book review: Outlander Kitchen


I worked my way through several cookbooks this year, including Outlander Kitchen.  I was really impressed with the recipes and the thoughtful way they used the Outlander books as their jumping-off point.  This is a picture from when I tried out Stephen Bonnet’s salty chocolate pretzel balls, definitely a winning recipe.

8. Peter Reinhart’s multi-grain struan


I have several of Peter Reinhart’s cookbooks and they always include some variation of his struan.  This is from Brother Juniper’s Bread Book.  I adore Peter Reinhart’s writing and his recipes are 100% foolproof.  His pictures are completely authentic, so sometimes mine come out better than his look.  A nice way to boost a home baker’s confidence!

7. Beaujolais-Chorizo bread


This bread intrigued me when I first saw it in my issue of Saveur magazine.  It is quite intense, so it’s great cut into thin slices for a party smorgasbord to serve with meats and cheeses.

6. Some thoughts on Competing in the Arlington County Fair bake-off, Part II


Both posts about the Arlington County Fair bake-off made it in the top 10 this year.  The same cannot be said for my breads 😦

I decided to break up this post into two parts so as not to be overwhelming.  Head over to Most Popular Posts of 2016, continued to check out the top 5 most popular posts of 2016.

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