A Smitten Kitchen Thanksgiving


Once again, I’m selfishly using a post to keep track of where I found the successful recipes I make.

This year, I made three different pies for Thanksgiving.

An apple and green tomato crumble pie (filling recipe here)

A chocolate pudding pie that was a HUGE hit (recipe here)

And a cherry-berry pie (recipe here).  I used frozen cherries and blueberries and made sure to squeeze ALL the juice out.

All three used Smitten Kitchen’s all-butter pie crust, although I did half-and-half with lard as well as a few tablespoons of cream cheese, just to keep things interesting.

While the chocolate pudding pie was far and away the favorite, the other pies also garnered rave reviews.  I don’t think of myself as a desserts person, as far as making or eating, but maybe I need to change this view of myself and my abilities.

There are very few recipes I get from Smitten Kitchen (Deb Perelman) that aren’t a slam dunk.  I even made her banana bread this morning (sans Bourbon since it was for the kids).

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