Q1: The #1 question I get asked is, where did you get the name “Bread Maiden”?

A1: To begin, I have one of those “Ayden” names that are cool to hate right now.  Back in grad school, our friends used to come up with funny nicknames for each other.  I didn’t have a nickname yet and was giving another friend a hard time about it, when ON THE SPOT he came up with The Bread Maiden.  I loved it!  And it seemed right for the name of a bread blog.  Since then it’s been a way to keep my posts on a theme.  Also it’s pretty easy for people to remember.

Q2: What does your tagline, “Discover your mother culture” mean?

A2: “Mother culture” is another name for sourdough starter.  Other names include leaven, biga, poolish, mother, seed, chef, levain, etc. Baking was a necessary skill for so many generations, and it’s being lost. I like the idea of people rediscovering the pleasure of baking.

Q3: I saw that you bake communion bread for your church.  How did you get started doing that?

A3:  Yes I do!  I started baking bread and other treats for my Sunday School class until I worked up the confidence to ask if I could take on communion bread.  I’ve been doing that for about two years now.  The experience is deeply meaningful to me, and I talk about the spiritual practice of feeding my community by baking for my church here.

Q4: Why don’t you show anyone’s faces / share anyone’s names in your blog?

A4: Privacy reasons.  I like to be able to tell people about the blog rather than them coming across it randomly while perusing the internets.

Q5: But I just read a post and it had your son’s/brother’s/your face on it!

A5: Ok, you got me.  But I try to stick to that policy.

Q6: Can I send you suggestions for what to bake next?

A6: Of course! I’m always interested in trying something new.  Just leave a comment on one of my posts.

Q7: Do you bake for a living?

A7: I bake when I have free time (which isn’t often).  Mr. Bread Maiden and the Little Bread Dudes keep me pretty busy!

Q8: I want to attend one of your Bread Camps!

A8: For more information about Bread Camp, the baking class I teach, please check out this page: Bread Camp.  You can e-mail me and we can set up a time that is mutually beneficial.  You can also check out my facebook page to see if I am advertising any upcoming classes.