Preston Yancey’s white bread, attempt #7


What is there to say?  It’s my seventh time making this recipe.  And yet, I keep learning and tweaking.  Here are some highlights:


Woohoo, I remembered to bloom the yeast in a lidded tupperware so I could give it a good shake before adding it to the dough.


I used 1050g of all-purpose flour, which is less than last time.  What can I say? I like that high hydration for maximum holes.


fully bloomed yeast


decided to mix it up by using Himalayan pink salt



After about five hours, the dough was looking good.


Since this recipe makes such large loaves if you only divide it in half, I divided it into one slightly larger loaf (for communion this Sunday) and two slightly smaller loaves.


Since I was making three loaves, I used my two bannetons and then made a couche out of a pyrex bowl and a floured napkin.



Since I couldn’t bake these right away, I left them in the refrigerator for about two-four hours.  They were totally fine.


Dough just after scoring, in the dutch oven.


Dough immediately after removing the lid of the dutch oven.  Since I wanted slightly soft crust, I bumped the temperature down to 375 degrees F after removing the lid.


You can tell which doughs were shaped in the bannetons


I was very happy with this set of breads.  This recipe (with my variations) is becoming my go-to white bread recipe.

My next post will be about tweaks I make for a softer or a crustier crust.  Stay tuned!

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